Georgios Orfanidis

IT Manager/Drone Instructor
3D s.a. General Aviation Applications

Bilateral Meetings

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Description3D S.A. is a Greek private company founded in1976 in Thessaloniki. The company provides custom made services and applications covering all major contemporary activities in Greece and abroad and since 1981 has been actively involved in several Weather Modification Programs (rain/snow enhancement and hail suppression). 3d operates a Drone Academy since 2017
Organization Type Company
CityThessaloniki, Skiathou 2 Google map
Areas of Activities


  1. Agriculture
  2. Education
  3. Energy and Environment
  4. Smart cities and Mobility
  5. Space and Aerospace
  6. Other application

Weather Modification

3d has more than 30 years experience in weather modification programs for crop protection from hail and rain\snow enhancement.

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Meteorological Data

3d owns 2 weather data Radars in Thessaloniki and Larisa, Furthermore we have a meteo department which produces weather forecasts based on WRF model


Keywords: wrfmeteoweather radar
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Precision Agriculture

3D has developed a system for agricultural alerts for farmers, based on weather conditions but was unable to promote it in the market


Keywords: agricultural alert
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Drone Applications

3D owns a Drone Academy Training Center which leads to certification by HCAA. We are looking to expand in Drone Applications, such as Surveying Applications, Precision Agriculture, Anti drone technology,retail sales etc


Keywords: droneprecision agriculturesurveyingretail sales