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Centaur Analytics Inc.

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DescriptionCentaur Analytics, Inc. (centaur.ag) is the leading provider of full-stack Internet-of-Things solutions for quality and abundance of agricultural products. Our mission is to dramatically reduce the estimated $1 trillion of post-harvest crop value loss annually from farm to shelf, by deploying our cognitive connected solutions in the global supply chain.Our Internet-of-CropsTM cloud platform provides real-time monitoring of the condition of stored commodities, fusing data from our wireless sensors with weather forecasts and other sources. This provides traceability and end-to-end quality management of stored and transported goods, which can feed to customer ERP systems as well as blockchain ledgers.
Organization Type Company
CityVolos, 102A Koutarelia Google map
Areas of Activities

ΙCT Technologies

  1. Internet of things
  2. Machine learning


  1. Agriculture
  2. Food and Beverages
Offer & Request

Sensor & IoT products for Agriculture and Food

Centaur provides award-winning smart sensors and IoT technology for a Quality Chain of stored and transported agricultural products and foods

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Technical expertise in IOT & Analytics

Technical co-operation, Sales/Distribution, Other

Cooperation Offered
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  2. Technical co-operation
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