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Digital workspace specialist
Mobilise IT

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DescriptionMobilise IT delivers consumer easy, enterprise secure digital workspace solutions. Solutions that enable business applications to run on any end user computing device. Solutions that allow employees to carry out their work duties anywhere, anytime with ease and confidence. If your digital transformation plans include end user computing modernisation, enterprise mobility or simply a better and more cost effective way to deliver end user computing services, then Mobilise IT is at your service.
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CityThessaloniki, Ag. Georgiou 1 Google map
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ΙCT Technologies

  1. Internet of things
Offer & Request

Offering enterprise digital workspace solutions

User Experience forms the core component of any Digital Workspace Transformation project.
The platform to deliver that is an important decision to get right, as the underlying platform and technology can mean the difference between success and smooth sailing, or difficulties and rough seas ahead.
Moving to a Digital Workspace allows you to keep your existing investment in SaaS Applications and Services, Identity, Microsoft 365, and any public or private cloud infrastructure.
You can then leverage these to provide core applications and accessibility to information across your entire device fleet, regardless of the Operating System or Device Type.
Our unique approach to UEM and Digital Workspace transformation will allow you to focus on what you need and want to deliver as a business, and our team take care of the design, deployment, and ongoing management of the platform to allow you to achieve it.

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